Mission, Vision, Aims, Objectives, core values and philosophy

LAM-TECH Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)-pending non-profit organization based in New York and operating in Sierra Leone.

LAM-TECH Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)-pending non-profit organization based in New York. New York purpose: dedicated to helping under-served students, teachers, and communities in West Africa to establish and operate energy-efficient and sustainable virtual science labs

Short-Term Goals

  • Develop and host a web-based platform that will enable primary and secondary school administrators, teachers and students to create, maintain, update and manage free websites for their schools in our first year
  • Increase computer and Internet penetration ratio in the communities we serve by 5% in our first year. 
  • Source and donate 20 low-power computer systems to students and teachers in our second year
  • Establish 1 pilot, low-power knowledge center in the eastern suburbs of Freetown in year 1. 
  • Train 100 teachers on how to use computers for research, access the internet, prepare course material and present course materials using PowerPoint slides 

Long-Term Goals

  • Establish “ICT Student Clubs” in schools within the communities we serve 
  • Increase computer and Internet penetration ratio in Sierra Leone to 80% 
  • Establish 1 low-power knowledge center in each district
  • Source and donate 50 low-power computer systems to students & teachers each year 
  • Establish a low-power computing, education technology, instructional technology, and information and communications technology research and teaching center in Sierra Leone


  • To partner with teachers and other stakeholders to develop and publish digital education content locally and on the internet
  • Increase pass rate of students within the communities we serve in NPSE, BECE and WASSCE by 5% every year
  • Increase the use of computers to solve every day and challenging educational and instructional problems by 2% every year
  • Motivate students to study math, science, computer science, technology and engineering up to first degree
  • Connect students, teachers and other educated individuals within and outside Sierra Leone to share experiences, transfer knowledge, develop and consume contents base on WAEC exam syllabuses
  • Promote the use of solar ready, fan-less, low-power computing devices to minimize energy and maintenance cost, and reduce global warming • Research and develop energy efficient education and instructional technology products, services, and solutions exclusively for Sierra Leone and West African markets with options to duplicate in other developing countries.